Tracking regional consistency in regulatory policies used to ensure boaters take specific actions to reduce aquatic invasive species risk.

Progress towards effective regional management of the recreational activities pathway includes the implementation of education and outreach programs encouraging voluntary behavior change, and the adoption of comprehensive and regionally harmonized watercraft inspection and decontamination programs and policies. 

Blue Accounting is tracking progress of state policies toward prevent the movement of AIS through recreational boating. The maps below illustrate different components of watercraft inspection and decontamination regulations adopted by Great Lakes states as of 2017, based on the National Sea Grant Law Center (NSGLC) and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies model provisions. A description of each provision is provided below each status map below.

In addition, many states have developed extensive boater education and outreach programs. These can be coupled with inspection and/or law enforcement programs that have the potential to provide measures of boater attitudes, boat cleaning behavior and compliance.

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Prohibits possession and transport aquatic invasive species. Except as authorized, a person may not possess, import, ship, or transport within this state, or cause to be imported, shipped, or transported within this state, an aquatic invasive species.

Owner Respons

Recreational Boating - Owner

Provides the legal foundation for public compliance with the overall intent of the law – ensuring that boats and trailers are clean before use or re-entry into waters of the state – whether or not inspection stations or decontamination services are available.


mandatory inspection by state

Provides authority to stop vehicles based on the suspected presence of aquatic invasive species and provides for Mandatory Inspection and authorizes the designated agency to establish inspection stations. 


Authorizes designated personnel to decontaminate a boat and trailer based on the presence or suspected presence of aquatic invasive species, as determined during an inspection. 


Recreational Boating - Penalties

Sets forth both civil and criminal enforcement mechanisms to respond to violations of the legislation.

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