The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) is a non-profit organization created in 1985 with the mission to “protect and promote the economic interests of the St. Lawrence maritime community from a sustainable development perspective.” Members of the organization include shipping carriers, ports, private terminals, provincial and federal governments, marine services and equipment suppliers, and marine industry associations.

To fulfill its mission, SODES has engaged in a wide range of marketing and outreach efforts, such as the ongoing Brought to you by ship – My river, my provider! promotional campaign, which includes outreach such as:

Public surveys commissioned by SODES have indicated that since the start of this campaign, more Quebec residents know about the maritime industry, and these residents have a more positive perception of the industry. Other SODES marketing efforts include art exhibitions and scholarships.

In addition to marketing work, SODES supports maritime interests through project such as:

SODES’ promotional Brought to you by ship – My river, my provider! campaign will continue into 2019, as will its support and engagement in projects like the Maritime Information System.