Information on Ontario’s efforts, including wellhead and intake protection area boundaries, specific vulnerabilities of different sources of supply and relevant land use information are tracked within their Source Protection Information Atlas, an interactive online map.  

Ontario's source protection areas in the Great Lakes basin (Conservation Ontario)

Ontario has invested over $275 million Canadian dollars into the Source Water Protection program since 2004, and has trained more than 200 risk management officials and inspectors to help with its implementation.

The province’s investment to date includes CA$235 million to fund technical and scientific studies, develop local protection plans and advance outreach efforts to encourage early voluntary actions by landowners. An addition CA$24.5 million was made available through the Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship program to assist over 3,000 local actions by landowners to protect public supplies including implementing runoff and erosion control measures, inspecting and upgrading septic systems and closing or upgrading wells. In 2013, an additional CA$14.1 million was awarded to 199 small, rural municipalities to assist with source water plan implementation. The regional protection plans created through Ontario’s Source Water Protection program encompass more than 450 municipal drinking water systems across the province, many of which are located within the Great Lakes basin.