The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Wellhead Protection Program has engaged 645 public water supplies across the state, several of which are located within the Great Lakes basin, and issued 500 approvals for completed Phase II wellhead protection plans.

Among the remaining systems that have yet to receive full approval, the majority are in the process of completing Phase II of their planning requirements.  A tracking spreadsheet that lists the status (Phase I, Phase II, or due date for next 5-year review) of all public water supplies is maintained on IDEM’s Wellhead Protection program webpage. In addition, IDEM provides several resources including forms, guidelines and timetables to help communities with their planning activities.

The Indiana State Budget Agency reports that IDEM’s Groundwater program, which encompasses the Wellhead Protection program, had a total allocation of $772,091 for FY2017-2018 and FY2018-2019. Over half of this allocation is derived from fees associated with underground petroleum storage tank regulations, with the remainder coming from federal sources. In addition, IDEM maintains an online inventory of available funding that can be used to assist communities in meeting their environmental responsibilities and goals. Activities related to Wellhead Protection program compliance may be eligible for funding through several of these grant programs.