Highway H2O is a group of Maritime Transportation System (MTS) stakeholders who have partnered to promote maritime transportation and create a shared “brand” for maritime transportation on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. The program was created in 2003, and is sponsored by the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation and St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.  The program is also supported by a variety of members including ports, private terminal operators, vessel operators, stevedoring companies, and local economic development agencies.

These members have access to a variety of benefits including annual conferences, marketing materials, business development support, workshops, webinars, and other research.

The overall objectives of Highway H2O are to identify and promote opportunities for maritime transportation, and raise awareness of the MTS’s potential to address transportation challenges. As part of that work, the group has engaged marketing efforts intended to help communicate the benefits of maritime transportation and attract new traffic to the MTS. These efforts include:

The Governors and Premiers’ Regional Maritime Strategy notes that the MTS needs a single-consistent brand, and recommends that the Highway H2O brand be assessed for its potential as a starting point for future region-wide marketing plans.