Blue Accounting helps Great Lakes communities set shared goals and measure whether we are achieving them by transforming existing data into useful information. Working together, we can improve the decisions we make to ensure the Great Lakes will always be the backbone of our region, supplying fresh water and natural beauty and serving as a powerful economic engine. Read our story


Introducing a smarter, more comprehensive approach to
monitoring our Great Lakes water resources. 

Aquatic invasive species cost Great Lakes communities and businesses millions of dollars each year.

Coastal wetlands are essential to ensuring high quality water for fish, wildlife and people. Unfortunately, roughly half of Great Lakes coastal wetlands have been lost.

ErieStat is helping to track progress toward a healthier Lake Erie though an online tool that tracks total and dissolved phosphorus entering Lake Erie’s western and central basins from selected tributaries (rivers). 

The Great Lakes Source Water Initiative is collaborating across borders to protect the waters that serve as the source of drinking water for 48 million people within the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basin.